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Enviroscore History
Typical environmental data companies require payment for data and provide no interpretation. The customer receives a collection of paperwork filled with data and is left with the dilemma of trying to understand what it all means. Then, an additional step is required to interpret the Solutionsdata, either from environmental consultants or internal reviews by in-house personnel. Enviroscore now makes environmental data hassle-free! Enviroscore interprets the data for you with our predictive analytical technology that can model, decipher and forecast your needs and assemble it into an easy-to-understand (0-100 scale with 100 being the best score). Data is available everywhere, but Enviroscore gives you the tools to make it actually work for you.

Enviroscore is a service that can be used in a variety of industries and companies. We can add additional parameters to our review, such as, demographics, transportation areas, the information input is unlimited. By combining additional statistics with our environmental records the customer can have a clear picture of goals and create “informed” quick decisions. Enviroscore can offer our services direct or can be resold through approved partner channels.

Enviroscore’s unique service has the ability to “customize” depending on the need and risk tolerance of a company. Our powerful predictive analytics can provide the right deployment for your company needs nationwide. Use the analytics for different “sets” of Enviroscores that can used to compare and weigh different decision forecasts to make a better decision. Enviroscore’s applications are unlimited.

Enviroscore History

Below are just some examples of how Enviroscore can be used:

    Know your environmental risk for corporate operations and all its subsidiaries. Utilize Enviroscore intelligence to provide information in your environmental disclosures or annual report for shareholders.

    Provide underwriting with the tools to evaluate risks quickly regarding a business or property site. Fast analytics provide quicker decisions on potential risks and a better understanding of the specific risks involved in claims coverage.

    Loans can now have a systematic structure that requires no training to loan officers and can implemented is in seconds on a loan origination platform. Easy scores for customers to understand and faster loan closings. Enviroscores assist banks in doing business faster, cheaper and better, giving banks a competitive edge over other banks that use “old due diligence methods” or those who risk it all by “doing nothing”.

    Shareholders and executives want up-to-date “monitoring” and control of their assets. Enviroscore provides the initial overview and its “monitoring” of assets. This coverage for REITs  can mean the difference to the bottom line.

    When buying a home, it is important to be informed of environmental conditions surrounding your home. EnviroScore provides a radius search of your residential property and gives you the power to know "what’s in your backyard". Information about your home serves to provide awareness for the safety and security of your family. Know where the fire hazards zones are, landslide areas and earthquake zones - become informed.

    Environmental due diligence for an impending sale transaction can be reviewed by a quick Enviroscore. Enviroscore assists business owners, large and small, with practical information to recognize the dynamics of environmental liability before the purchase. Property transactions do not have to be involved, but the review centralizes on the business operations and practices only, which can also carry environmental risks.

    Governmental institutions at all levels need an idea of the permits and conditions in their area. Enviroscore provides customized data for governmental entities to receive answers to common environmental questions and assist in future planning.

    Commercial loans and SBA loans require an environmental review performed. Enviroscore can provide a review that is accepted by SBA and your bank to curtail problems with closing and purchases. Buy and sell faster with Enviroscore.

    Need to find out if a property site is in a good location for your business? Want to review potential sites and have a specific criteria? Need an industrial area or an environmentally low-risk area? We can assist in choosing the right location for your business or operations. We provide the clues that can spot the right site for your needs.

    We can provide an operational overview of physical sites and businesses in a consolidated portfolio package. We can input hundreds of address and names into a system to provide you with an aggregate Enviroscore that can detail the risk for an entire portfolio database. The review can be customized to eliminate potential sites that are ill-suited for your needs, thereby saving money and time. Ask us about our discounted rates for entire portfolio reviews.
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