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There are other environmental data companies, but Enviroscore provides data plus a "comprehensive answer" in an easy-to-understand score. No additional reviews or vague guidelines that cost more time and money.

Just think of it as similar to a credit score. Enviroscore provides a score and NO other environmental data company can do this.

Enviroscore History

Enviroscore’s innovation is the solution to the cumbersome and complex environmental review system currently in place. Current methods will be a thing of the past. Enviroscore has created its own new market niche with an approach to environmental risk in a different way by scoring it for easier interpretation and review. No other system available in the market can take technical jargon, data and location intelligence and package it into a one-score system for evaluation.

Currently, many other industries are using various tools to investigate data for easier implementation and interpretation. A great example of this is the utilization of the common credit score. Years ago, a loan officer or credit card provider would review several sheets of a credit report to make decisions on whether or not to extend credit to a customer. A system was needed to interpret this data and provide an industry and its consumers a way to reflect credit risk in a simple formatted score. Hence, when applying for a credit card or loan, the banker will request a “credit score”. Since then, a vast industry with numerous auxiliary services has blossomed from the original credit score concept.

InnovationsLike this example above, Enviroscore reviews data and interprets the technical        aspects to give the client or customer a “score” that will allow the user to have an easy to understand method of assessing risk. This can be used for the general radius of the property site or for its business operations only.

Current offerings by environmental data companies and other  consulting businesses do not solve the current need in many areas in the environmental risk evaluation process. This includes the need for fast, inexpensive, web-based services that is easy to interpet.

Consultants often charged excessive fees to produce reports with findings that were subjective and hard to interpret. Enviroscore eliminates this hassle with predicative analytics and widely available data and location intelligence software to solve a problem that nobody had thought to innovate or change until now.

Most environmental risk reviews do not need an expensive and complex report. Why spend several thousand dollars to find out that there lies a huge liability risk? Business leaders and private citizens alike want information quickly for fast interpeted decisions. Most of these decisions can be made based in a simple Enviroscore request. Enviroscore is a patent-pending service with a mission to take environmental risk reviews and make them faster, cheaper and more available. Enviroscore understands that the internet age has made data a commodity. Enviroscore transforms data into answers.

Enviroscore History

Environmental screening is cumbersome, so many programs and businesses fall through the cracks. We all pay by a lack of environmental awareness. Because there is no easy inexpensive solution, and a lack of quick information, many environmental requirements are not even being performed.

Listed below are just some aspects of where Enviroscore is changing the way we think and do business:

  • Enviroscore reviews loans that are not currently being adequately assessed. A majority of SBA loans by the government are have inadequate environmental reviews being conducted by a two page questionnaire from the buyer. These buyers generally have no environmental knowledge regarding environmental risk.

  • Enviroscore makes reviews quick, simple and inexpensive. Environmental reviews of the past entail hiring an expensive consultant to filter out the information. Enviroscore requires no other level of review - we do the review for you.

  • Enviroscore helps gauge risks for industries that have typically neglected reviews for lack of quick information. For example, Enviroscore can assist an insurance company underwriting department's need for an inexpensive and fast review system for policy applicants.

  • Enviroscore helps the large property portfolio companies review their entire assets more efficiently and swiftly. REITs are purchasing portfolios without a comprehensive quick review system to rate the "entire portfolio" risk with a continuing monitoring practice after the initial purchase. Lack of monitoring after the purchase can shield operating risks that are unknown after the initial purchase.

  • Enviroscore is established as a standard system for loan reviews and serves as a precursor to further reviews. Banks now can have a standard practical way to implement environmental reviews for its customers. Currently, if a commercial property site is reviewed, a full Phase I is conducted when a less-expensive Enviroscore could have negated the need to spend the extra money. If additional reviews are necessary for a Phase I Report, Enviroscore will be able to portray that in its failing Enviroscore.

  • Enviroscore helps keep a clean environment by assisting business operations with their compliance needs. Business owners have no way to get simple answer to regulatory compliance issues. Enviroscore produces these answers in its report and will create an awareness of previous permits or the required permits for its type of industry. All too often, small business owners do not understand or know regulations because they do not have an environmental consulting staff available. By receiving an Enviroscore, that business owner becomes more informed and is able to adhere to proper environmental compliance. This saves the business owner from potential fines and makes the environment cleaner for everybody.

  • Most commercial loans are not being reviewed because they are below the $1 million threshold and do not justify spending $2,000 or more on an environmental review. Enviroscore fulfills this niche of assessment neglect and provides easy to use information.

  • Many corporate stock holders want an easy-to-understand disclosure of the business environmental operations and its risk before investing. Green investing has become a common initiative.
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