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Interpreting an Enviroscore
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Enviroscore History

Enviroscore provides the predictive analytics to environmental risk. This is done by expert data of geographical location via powerful GIS software, third party data, combined with advanced Analytics Pictureanalytics to produce a risk calculation of the area and/or business. Since Enviroscore can be used in many ways to assist with all types of businesses; it is a powerful tool in making decisions and providing important information to businesses. Previously businesses have relied on subjective reviews of visual mapping or detailed report narratives that cannot define answers to key decisions quickly.

Enviroscore reviews uses several main parameters to produce a score. These include factors that would determine the likelihood of the site to carry potential risks currently and in the future. These parameters are built upon years of research and previous data to form a predictability scale based upon a site location and business practices.

Think of it like a "credit score" that uses several weighting factors to review the likelihood of a default. Like credit scores and the data it is derived from, Enviroscore can provide customized risk analysis depending on the information that is needed.

Analytics PictureFor instance, a site location radius is evaluated by a scientific algorithm that reviews the environmental data points in that radius to give an approximation of environmental risk . Where are the toxic release sites? Where are the locations of hazardous waste sites in the area? What is the water quality in my geographic location? All these factors have an attributable scale that can be mixed with other factors to help determine an environmental risk level that an area carries. Depending on the search criteria, this may be an unsuitable site or enable the customer to just be aware of potential risks. The main attribute of Enviroscore is that it makes the client more informed. Information is powerful and until now, all we were able to get were data sets of arbitrary points, but no real analysis based upon science, data and analytics to back this up for interpetation. Now we have Enviroscore.

For your information, the current way to evaluate environmental liability is typically performed three ways: Phase I reporting, purchasing data from environmental data companies and buying insurance coverage.

The Phase I Report is not always necessary and takes time and is expensive to produce. Data companies can provides a wealth of data, but what does it all mean? You need to hire a consultant for that. Lastly, insurance is expensive and provides no information to the client about the environmental needs or requirements. Enviroscore combines and improves on current services available in today's market. Enviroscore is a smart decision.

Examples of Price Structure

Each price structure depends on the state and geographic region that the review is conducted in. Email us for more specific figures as to your business and geographic location.

Enviroscore beats the price of typical Phase I reports and any environmental insurance coverage policies. Environmental data may be less expensive to acquire, but you still require an additional step for interpretation, thereby making it more time consuming with additional interpretation fees.

Enviroscore is the most inexpensive solution available on the market for the services provided.

  • Enviroscore Basic™:
    Average rate: $300.00
    Provides an Enviroscore with basic map radius information. This Enviroscore is instantaneous and provides the information necessary to make quick decisions.

  • Premium Enviroscore™:
    Average rate: $800.00
    A Basic Enviroscore with a more intensive state document review conducted. Provides an enhanced report detailing the additional research conducted. (Recommended)

  • Enviroscore Plus™:
    For a small added fee Enviroscore will add supplementary services that can compliment your industry.
  In the cases where it is required:  

Phase I Reports: Variable Rate
Phase I Reports are for Enviroscores that "fail" or for more intensive reviews that require site reconnaissance and a more detailed report creation. This can be for sites that require an obligatory “Environmental Phase I AAI requirements”. Review rates can vary; however, we will establish you with the our nationwide consultant network to adhere to any addtional requirements that may be necessary. If an Enviroscore report was purchased prior to this request, depending on time variables, its price can be deducted from the Environmental Phase I costs.

Enviroscore Service Packages
Enviroscore has several new package systems that are being developed. Look for these in the coming year to identify one that can suit your needs. If you would like to see if any of these packages can suit your needs now, please email us and we will be happy to provide you with additional information.
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